Buffalo O’s

Buffalo O’s is a new site specific surreal cereal beach party! For the city that smells like Cheerios, we invite everyone to celebrate our cereal-making heritage and play with your food in a jumbo-sized, breakfast beach bowl filled with marshmallows of Buffalo’s great architectural icons. And, of course, buffalo (part of a balanced breakfast).

But we do not literally mean “cereal”: the O’s are inflatable innertubes (made to look like oat cereal), the bowl is one of the outdoor circular “stonehenge” sites, and the milk is a huge pile of play sand. Instead of “hearts, moons, stars, clovers, horseshoes,” our colorful marshmallows are in the shape of a handful of Buffalo’s famous buildings in giant bitesize bits that double as foam cushions. It is art that is also a playground for people of all ages and abilities to enjoy, frolic, kick-back and relax.

Through playful branding, Buffalo O’s is a shout out to our grain port history, but also a
cheeky promotion of what else Buffalo is famous for (beyond chicken wings, football, and blizzards). Buffalo O’s subverts and taps into the same youthful energy of cereal branding for city-boosting by dreamily asking its visitors: “what if Buffalo was a cereal?” It invites other playful and inclusive re-imaginings of narratives that we as Buffaloians can take back about our city and tell anew to the world.

Riverworks, Buffalo, NY

Play/Ground - The Buffalo Institute for Contemporary Art & Resource:Art


Maia Peck, Gregory Serweta